2019 Will Be the Year of Open Source

After decades of being looked at as more of a subculture (or arguably counter-culture) in the larger technology landscape, open source is finally getting its due. 2018 saw some big moves in the open source landscape—from automotive startups leveraging open source in their innovative products to some big acquisitions and further growth of the open-source […]

Preventive Maintenance Is Improved Through Predictive Analytics

Traditionally, preventive maintenance (PM) relied on industrial or in-plant average life statistics, such as mean-time-to-failure (MTTF), to assist in the scheduling of maintenance events. With PM, a service log served as the communication instrument alerting plant or industrial maintenance technicians of machine breakdowns occurring over time. The log required documenting detailed information on the machine […]

Additive Manufacturing Automation Brings Down Costs; Increases Productivity

Additive manufacturing (AM) still looms large in our science fiction imaginations in the form of Star Trek-like replication machines that will create just about anything (in between commercials) with the push of a button. The truth, however, is that additive manufacturing is still a highly complex process that requires a great deal of preparation and […]

Graphene-Based Electronic Fibers for Wearable Textiles

Graphene has shown its versatility for materials science, electronics, and numerous other scientific applications time and again. Now, researchers are using the so-called “wonder material” for a new purpose—to help them create inexpensive, durable, and mass-produced smart textiles. An international team of scientists led by professor Monica Craciun at the University of Exeter in the […]

Industrial Ethernet Creates Value for Process Control

An ongoing megatrend in automation and control is the development of Industrial Ethernet technologies targeting the needs of process control applications. Integration of EtherNet/IP with the HART protocol, along with emerging FDI standards, are pieces of a strategic vision for manufacturers looking to maintain cost-effective, sustainable production capacity in the process industries. The potential is […]

Meet Misty II: The Robot As a Platform, Not a Tool

Developers may remember a time when you’d boot up your computer and all you’d get was a blank screen and blinking cursor. It was up to engineers and coders to build the content; the computer was just a platform. Ian Bernstein, founder and head of product at Misty Robotics, believes robots today are in that […]